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Seascape, Sentosa Singapore

Situated on Sentosa Island, embraced by serene water on both sides, Seascape is an epitome of luxurious living, offering 151 exclusive waterfront homes amidst the mystic charm of its natural surroundings. Built by the sea, the development’s dramatic backdrop is just one of its many breathtaking aesthetic virtues. The elegant bold exterior is a reflection of the richness of the land and the magnificence of the sea. Inspired by Sentosa Cove’s nautical theme, the development features large balconies taking the form of hulls of a majestic vessel, allowing for the widest and the most spectacular views of the sea available in Sentosa Island.

Story of 2 Waters:

Overall, the landscape area is divided into 2 parts by the architectures, which are linearly located along the middle of the site. Because of this uniques layout, each landscape area will have a totally different view from the other. On one side, the garden is next to the main road that runs along the public canal.
On the other side, it is a very special space with an unobstructed view to the sea. With the site identity, we propose the idea of creating 2 different gardens, using 2 different waters as our main concept.

The Mangrove-scape:

The first half of the garden is inspired by Sentosa's lush natural landscape with tropical trees and oceanic creatures. Our first move is to create a green buffer along the main road. Thick and dense shrubs are planted to significantly reduce the traffic noise from outside, and, at the same time, create a perfect

privacy for the residents inside. For pedestrians entering the property, they will be greeted by our special garden, "The Mangrove". Inspired by the Mother Nature, we create the experience of walking through the Mangrove forest, with a pathway floating on reflecting ponds on both sides. If you look carefully, hidden underneath the water surface, a series of Bronze-casted Stingrays are secretly
swimming along the pathway, welcoming our residents to their homes.

The Main garden is also located on this side. It is a functional garden, which encourages and supports a variety of activities. The Great Terrace is also created to serve as the main hardscape area of the Main Garden. A simple wooden terrace is used for different functions, pool deck, party area, sun bathing, and even as a fire lane. Wood is our favorite material, because it does not feel too hard on such big space. Unlike stones, wood give us more softness. The wooden ribbon serpentines along the building facades, with some green buffering in between. The residents can walk bare feet throughout the project, which is such a great feeling.

The Mangrove's inspired pool is created as the main landscape feature of the area. Emerald green ceramic tiles and lush tropical plants recreates the atmosphere of the local mangrove forest. Right next to the pool is the sunken garden. Functioned as the ventilation hole for underground parking, the
sunken garden also plays a role of the transition space from basement to the landscape area. Great amount of sunlight is provided to lighten the dark space of the parking, giving both the sense of security and aesthetics to the small garden at the lower level.

The Sea-scape:

We start planning the garden of the second part with the circulation systems, public and private. As required by the client, all ground floor units must be able to access the garden from their balconies. and, yet, at the same time, their privacies must not be disturbed. A series of smaller wooden ribbon paths are
strategically placed around the garden area. Form-wise, each of the wooden paths is slightly curved. Combining them together, they create quite interesting space. In order to protect the privacies of the units, we keep a minimum distance away from the balconies at least 4m. Reflecting ponds and localplantings are added as a buffer zone between public pathways and private balconies, with Stepping Stone path as the connection between the two. At certain areas, the reflecting pond transforms into a small water cascade to animate the landscape. Some oceanic creatures also help making the overall experience much more interesting. The Sea Pool is the main feature of this side. Instead of a stand alone
pool, a clean and elegant water body is seamlessly integrated as part of the overall Sea-scape garden.

Both the Mangrove-scape and the Sea-scape is connected by The Passage. This passage is the most critical of the whole garden. Located between 2 tall buildings, the space is quite narrow and windy. We simplify the complicated space by placing a clean wooden path right in between. Water cascade is then
added on both sides to keep the distance from private units. With a little help from the wind, the water effect here is quite different from the rest. It becomes a ripple pond.

The overall landscape design concept is inspired by the journey of water from main land to the ocean. Cocooned in the luxury of your apartment, residents will discover the true sense of well-being and rejuvenation. The penthouses are sprinkled with touches of luxury including a private pool that hugs the living and dining space with generous room for lounging. Beautiful architecture that blends in with its surroundings and extensive water features.

  • Project Name :              Seascape

  • Completion Date :         2010

  • Location :                      Sentosa, Singapore

  • Area :                            Ground floor 1,252 sqm.
                                          Basement 2,538 sqm.

  • Design Company :        TROP : terrains + open space

  • Project Director :           Pok Kobkongsanti

  • Photographer :              Wison Tungthunya

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