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Prive' by Sansiri

Prive' by Sansiri is an Exclusive Luxury Condominium in the Prime Bangkok Location.Our Target Group is a successful 40-plus people, so the design has to be neat and elegant.

TROP's scope includes the Ground Floor Garden and the Swimming Pool on the Roof. For the Ground Floor, Sansiri asked us to create a wall to enclose and screen the Lobby from the public. However, we found that the area is a bit small.

So instead of building solid wall, which would make the area feel even smaller, we proposed a custom-designed Sculpture Wall as the alternative. The Wall is a series of Sculptural Columns, each has some space between one another. As the result, the area has some ventilation and plays with Natural Light in a much more interesting way. At the base of the Columns, we strategically place a Reflecting Pond to make the visual even more beautiful.

For the Pool, originally, the architect provide a small rectangular pool in the middle of the roof. Because we have a great view here, we suggested them to create an L-Shape Pool, right at the edge of the Building instead. With this Design, we have one of the best View of Bangkok for our Resident. Then we
play with the composition of the Pool Terrace. We divide the Terrace into several portions. This way, a person would not see the whole garden at once. He has to walk around and discover some secret corners in the garden by himself.With a variety of space provided on the roof, everyone can use it without disturbing others.

  • Project Information
    Area area 1st floor        1144 sqm.area
    14th floor                       760 sqm.

  • Project Name :              Prive' by Sansiri

  • Completion Date :         2010

  • Location :                      Wireless Road, Bangkok, Thailand

  • Client :                           Sansiri Public Company Limited

  • Design Company :        TROP : terrains + open space

  • Project Director :           Pok Kobkongsanti

  • Project Team :               Pakawat Varaphakdi
    Anuwit Cheewarattanaporn
    Naratip Bundi
    Pattanee Ukam
    Chatchawan Banjongsiri

  • Architect :                     Palmer & Turner (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.

  • Photographer :              Charkhrit Chartarsa

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