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Cape Royale, Sentosa Singapore

The epitome of luxurious living, Cape Royale is nestled within the prestigious Sentosa Cove, enjoying a premier location at the entrance of the marina. Cape Royale has a total plot size of approximately 231,676.8 square feet. The development comprises of 302 luxurious and carefully designed residential
units. Cape Royale is a landmark development, forming a distinctive skyline to the exclusive residential enclave of Sentosa Cove. Standing at 20 storeys tall, Cape Royale is set to be the tallest residential development on the island of Sentosa.

The architecture of Cape Royale draws its inspiration from the marine world. 9 Distinctive sculptural towers of varying heights reminiscent of coral structures are strategically arranged in a necklace around the landscape. To echo the concept of the architecture, we create an organic landscape platform which is inspired by coral lives. 2 types of coral is used as the muse of the landscape concept.

The Bubbles:

Forming around the base of each tower are giant bubble-shape planters. The local bubble coral is used as the inspiration of the landscape. We love the look of those beautiful creatures. They has some soft and comfortable look, but, at the same time, protective of their inhabitants. Just like the Bubble Coral, these green areas act as a buffering zone, protecting the residential units from public pathways. The coral's shape has fluidity character, and, yet, represents connectivity and growth of the property.

The Branches:
Another type of the local coral is also transformed into the landscape idea. It is the branching coral. Different from its soft bubbling neighbor, it inspires us, not as space, but rather as circulation. Main Living Corridor is located in between each tower, acting as the circulation backbone of the residences. Sand-like material is used as the surface of this area, reminding of the sand beach nearby. A series of wooden-pathway system is later added to connect each tower to the Main Corridor. Together they form a nice living network, the one we need for a better residential project.

Even though the overall landscape has a harmonic feel through out the site. Each of the tower also has its own unique semi-private gardens. Depending on its location and available space, the individual gardens range from a picnic lawn to a reflective sculpture pond. Coral-inspired pavilions and sculptures are offered here and there to animate the landscape, making it more lively for the residents.

  • Project Name :              Cape Royale, Sentosa

  • Completion Date :         2014

  • Location :                      Santosa, Singapore

  • Area :                            Landscape area 20,000 sqm.

  • Client :                           Ho Bee Land Limited

  • Design Company :        TROP : terrains + open space

  • Project Director :           Pok Kobkongsanti

  • Project Designer :         Anuwit Cheewarattanaporn
                                          Pattarapol Jormkhanngen
                                          Theerapong Sanguansripisut

  • Photographer :              Wison Tungthunya

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